Wednesday, December 01, 2004

4 Tips to Bring Life Back to You & Your Business

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So many people complain that running a business wears them out.

I don't know about you but I am havint the time of my life and wouldn't swap what I'm doing for all the tea in China!

Perhaps the following will help you...

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you know the routine; get an idea, share it with others, start a business, lose steam. Here are some tips to get you out of the rut and back into business. These tips will get you into the game and enjoying it again.

Surround yourself with others

Gather 3 or 4 like-minded business people and meet with them regularly.

The meetings don’t have to be formal, simply having a cup of coffee and discussion on a recurring basis can help you. Having the contact with others can give you inspiration through the hard times. Once you are more comfortable with your group, you can open up to them about struggles you are having in your business. Chances are, they have already experienced what you're going through, and may have an opinion. Often times, they are more than willing to offer you suggestions.

Break your routine

Take a day off in the middle of the week for yourself.

You may not directly create income that day; but the payoff for yourself will be priceless. You will return to work more rested and more likely to let the creative juices flow. Be sure you stay away from your office, desk, and computer on your day off. Schedule something unexpected – a trip to the park with a friend or family member, for example.

Get organized

Just as taking a break can lead to good things, so does getting organized.

Set up a daily schedule for yourself. Studies have shown a person is more productive when they have a list of tasks. My keeping yourself to the list and minimizing distractions, you will amaze yourself with how much you have gotten done.

Maintain a time schedule

Set “office hours”, this step is hardest for those who work out of their home.

The need to sit down and work on a project is sometimes overwhelming. To combat this “always on” mentality, you need to set strict office hours and adhere to them. By staying away from business activities during off hours, you will be able to return to them the next day with a new outlook

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